BrainPad Schematic

I have a Version 1.0 BrainPad (White board with three Touch Pads).

I ‘thought’ I had a schematic but I cannot find it on any of my PC’s.

Does anyone have the PDF that you could send to me or a link to a source.
I checked but it is not there.


@ willgeorge - What information do you need from it?

@ John -

The pin ID’s used by the N18 LCD (I am assuming it is a N18

Not having luck trying to Initialize the LCD for use with the new TinyCLR.
(Not smart enough to get the SPI working)

I had it working with NetMF

The BrainPad I have is the first one you offered.
Not a big deal… I just like to check things against a schematic so I am using the correct pins.

Thanks for the reply

@ willgeorge - It is the N18. It uses SPI2, PB12 for CS, PC5 for RS, PC4 for reset, and PA4 for backlight.

@ John -

One last question

From G30 SoC Datasheet
Any pin with no name, function, or note must be left unconnected.
PB12 for CS - Data sheet shows White.

Only something I noticed. Not trying to be a pain.

Thank You!

This confused me before but I think it refers to the WHITE box adjacent to the pin number such as 5, 6 and 7 which have no PA/B etc description. PB12 for me simply has no other function than being a GPIO pin.

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yes, agree, it’s just that there is no secondary function

@ Dave McLaughlin -

I took the words literally. “or note must be left unconnected”

At least I understand now.

The next datasheet update has already added a header of “Pin, Name, Function” above each column. In this case name refers to “PC13” or “PB9” for example.

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@ John -

Thanks for the info.