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BrainPad Mania continues to spread internationally!


BrainPad makes it’s debut at Ballarpur Public School & Ballarpur Institute of Technology in India. Students are learning STEM concepts using the BrainPad and Microsoft Makecode.


Good to see that it’s not just boys getting into this.

Our niece is just starting uni here and living with us and she is starting to tinker with Arduino and later I will get her into NETMF but for now her English is in the early stages and more stuff for Arduino in her native Indonesian for the time being. Brain pad will be on the shopping list soon but will mean having to get a laptop for her to continue her studies as all machines except my desktop are Linux based.


Do you want to volunteer and translate the BrainPad book to Indonesian? :grinning: It is here


Not with my knowledge of the language. :slight_smile:

Maybe @mifmasterz could help with this?


Let’s get started… :smiley: just make sure brainpad will be easy to get (buy) in here… or we can open online store for local market…


If buying from mouser not an option? We can help in setting up something locally.


To get started with BrainPad, all you need is a web browser.


Brainpad in French schools
Today, I introduced Brainpad BP2 to the principal and technical director of my high school. They were impressed by BrainPad and Makecode. We decided to present them to the technology teachers of Bourges middle school next week. We hope they will like and we will be able to experience BrainPad with them. To be continued…