BrainPad is the STEM education platform

OK, I will stand corrected if I am wrong, but why is there no reference to this in this form?

Found by accident on the web…

Oops, we will delete this immediately. You are not suppose to see it, yet :slight_smile:

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@ Gus_ghielectroncs -

I’ll put a paper bag over my head and see if I can find more


I received a BrainPad today.:sunglasses: Thanks. The update of the bootloader and TinyCLR was necessary but it works.
I posted on Twitter.
Project now: write a manual on c # programming with BrainPad for beginners. In French:smiley:


I will check your manual (if allowed) maybe and translate to Albanian too :slight_smile:


You translate French to Albanian ! Too strong :sunglasses: