BrainPad game

Just curious, how do you play this BrainPad game? As far as I can see there are only 3 blocks, do you use other blocks to play it? Are there game instructions some where?

OK, I think I might have found some instructions: Sprites

Our @Greg_Norris just made a little runner game in minutes. Maybe he can share if we ask him nicely.

This uses the Game and Animation extension inside MakeCode

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One other note, it runs much faster on the simulator than it does on the actual BrainPad. So playing on just the simulator is more difficult because things move quick. Once you deploy to the BrainPad it will play normally and the game will gradually speed up.

Because I’ve never played games I couldn’t figure out what the objective of this was or how you play it. And, because I’m a quick learner it only took me about half hour to figure out to press the left button to make the figure of the guy jump and then I scored a point. That’s the button that’s next to the “L”. To replay you press the “R” button. This game seems to get more challenging as it goes because the object that the guy jumps over comes at him faster and faster; from what I can see. Thanks for the game, Greg ! JumpingMan BrainPad Game, MakeCode - YouTube

This is just a basic demo to get anyone started on building games.

This simple game demonstrates the Game extension and Animation extension. Looking at the blocks created you can see how they are loaded into an animation variable, the frames are added and then activated when certain things happen like a button press.

Creating another game called Jump and Duck would be as simple as adding another sprite animation that randomly passes above so the player has to duck too, maybe a bird. You would have to create an ‘anim’ called “bird” and add the appropriate frames. The basic structure is inside the Running Man game.