Brainpad error in Visual Studio

Hi everyone,
I received 10 Brainpads for my classroom on Thursday. I was very excited, but I cannot get them to work with Visual Studio. I did the first task which has you download the sample program to the board, but I receive an error each time. I have looked through the forums and on the internet and I have not been able to find a solution.
I installed the software in the correct order listed on the Brainpad .Net support page, and I am running Windows 10 64 bit. I applied a patch that was listed in the forum, but that didn’t work either. The error is listed below.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Error 1 0x80131700


I’ll email you when I get into the office tomorrow morning.

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I copied the config file into the folder, and this fixed my problem! Thanks so much for your help!

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@ mrsdelgaudio -
I have the same Issue :’(
Do I need to modify any files?


Not sure about your issue and we can still hello you but I want to say that we have completely redone the BrainPad software. The new release is days away if you want to hold and use the latest software.

@ Gus - days as in this week or will it take more ? does this work on the very first BrainPad hardware (TFT LCD) ? after a long term of waiting, my daughter is ready to learn to code, we are starting on Friday, the first day of summer vacation.

Should I wait ? Can I Install Visual Studio 2017 ?

It has been a while and I will appreciate any input.

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@ Designer - yes you can use your old BrainPad and yes install vs2017. And no it won’t be long :slight_smile:

@ Gus - Many Thanks,
The error seems the same as the 1st post.
Screen shot is attached.

@ Ali - please watch today’s tech talk video. It will be out at 10am.

Till the video arrives. Look at this for a potential solution.

@ Ali - by the way, are you a teacher or how are you planning on using the BrainPad?

@ Gus_ghielectroncs - Thanks, Do You mean this one?

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@ Gus_ghielectroncs - Somehow :wink:
I’m mentoring a group of teachers to add some STEM and innovation to the classes.

@ Ali - can I send you a private email to discuss how we can help?