BrainPad Display

I’ve just received my BrainPad !!! I play, play … and play (bulb, traffic, buttons…) before my kids.
But Nothing on display …

I use BrainPad sample “out of the box” with TinyClr. No backlight !

Is that normal ?

@ Bauland - with TinyCLR?! Where did you get the code for the brain pad for TinyCLR?

It was included in TinyCLR v 0.03.

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@ Gus - Bauland has joined me in porting gadgeteer modules driver to TinyCLR, so it is possible to modify brainpad driver to work with the TinyCLR with those ported modules. is it G30 if I’m not wrong.

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Oh yes. It was an intro to brain pad. It has a few bugs. The next release should be good. Much has changed since last release.

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If even Gus don’t know Brain pad is working with TinyClr 0.3.0, who can know ? :smiley:
More seriously, I forget to say that Display is working with Scratch, so it’s not a failure of display. If brainpad is very new in 0.3.0, it can be a bug, that’s why I make these post. I hope it will be corrected soon because a display is very useful for debug. (Even if Debug functions exist).

@ mifmasterz - I didn’t modify brainpad driver, it exists already.

@ Bauland - scratch uses netmf for now. I forgot we added it to the SDK because I am using the new drivers. Anyway, it will not be long before the next public release.

@ Gus -

next public release… I sure hope it includes initialization code for BrainPad LCD
in your VS2017 sample project.

I hate to admit it but my attempts have been far less than professional.
Or to put it simply, I gave up when clearing the display took about 30 seconds.

@ willgeorge - current release was more of a template drop in the extension. The code was and is still in progress. You are using a pre release alpha SDK, we never said it is complete :slight_smile:

That said, we are quickly progressing. The new BrainPad driver greatly improves the display support. We realized we had to make changes to make it easier. We also made many performance improvement, realized it was needed after coding some games.

By the way, the display on the old BrainPad is different. To keep things identical for the coming learning material, we will be simulating the new display on the old BrainPad. This will give you 100% compatibility between both, old and new BrainPads.

@ Gus -

By the way, the display on the old BrainPad is different…

I am very different so we should have gotten along much better?

I understand TinyCLR is a work in progress. Nothing I said is meant to be negative…

Thanks for the reply!

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I have some problem with display
How can i get the pixel color of (x,y) ? ==>

I know i must use bitmap to get pixel but in brainpad (g30) , image is not supported ...

Bitmap img = new Bitmap(width, height);
var color = img.GetPixel(x, y);

You can’t. You’ll need to understand what you set it to.