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BrainPad Arcade


Yesterday I worked with a teen boy at our library program who just discovered MakeCode Arcade (his dad is in electronics engineering) and the boy was totally captivated. His dream is to write games; couldn’t get enough of Arcade. If and when you ship the BrainPad Arcade, he would love to do an unboxing video. I showed him the “forum.makecode” where some of your game functions have been displayed. Let us know when you ship, please. Thx.


PS, my uncle in Birmingham, Michigan would like one too. I shipped him a Maqueen Bug Bot and Micro:Bit for MakeCode yesterday. He’s learning MakeCode. He was a radio engineer at WJR radio station in Detroit…during World War II, 96 years old !


We have some boards made and ready to ship. We are only waiting on the boxes now. We can’t wait to get these in everyone’s hands.


I ordered one of these. I do not know who the guy is with the British accent but would give him credit when I find his name. KittenBot is shipping MeowBit for Arcade controller:

We will buy BrainPad when you get the boxes and ship.thanks