Brainpad 2

I finally find time to play with BP2.
I have few remarks to improve BP:

  • First, my brainpad didn’t have bootloader installed ? Is it normal ? I have done bootloader installation without difficulties but for people who discover BP it can be frustating, or leave a note in the box.
  • It could be useful to have put four rubbers pad on board. I’m afraid students can damage the board.
  • Even if board is smaller than BP1, I found BP2 more clearer and all label have correct size.
  • I was afraid of placement of click module above usb, but it is a nice choice: it gains place without being awkward.
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The boatload and a demo program with ship with the BrainPad. Only the free demo gifts we shipped were blank, and that is for a reason :slight_smile: we want to make sure you all can deploy the loader.

It is test ! :smiley:

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I wish we had brainpads when I took robotics class in high school back in the early 90’s.

That class was so inappropriately named. Not only did we not make robots, but we never worked with anything remotely close to programming. It turned out to be a disappointing blow off class full of miscreants who were looking for something just a little more entertaining than study hall. :frowning:

My children are in to science. Two of my kids have qualiified and attended Intel International Science and Engineering fair twice (each) after winning sectionals and state. My son went twice with Artificial Intelligence software projects, my oldest daughter went twice with a rather scary experiment on water treatment (killing viruses and bacteria in water with UV radiation). Those two and my younger son are moved out now, doing well.

I plan on exposing my younger kids to MCU’s with brainpads once v2 is shipping. Got the first three off to a good start… 3 more kids to go… one of the three is interested in computers a little, hopefully I can get her interested in building stuff too.

I like what you’re doing with the Brainpad concept. Great introductory module to teach the fundamentals on. Too bad they weren’t around 20 years ago. :slight_smile:


I think you are trying to say, “GHI Electronics is awesome and I wish they were around when I was a kid”. Same here, I love GHI!


Oh most definitely. The current state of our dark arts is just miraculous when you stop and think about it.

Seems like only yesterday I was just a kid messing around with my old 8 bit commodore stuff.

Oh wait that was yesterday. I guess I’m just a big kid still. :slight_smile:

“To avoid getting lost on the path, never forget where you started”

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5 1/4 floppy ! I remember when I was kid …
Perhaps in some years, kids will says: “I remember of this big BrainPad 2 and its big micro USB, with just few memory, today my chip under my skin is 1 Tb memory and I can drive all my objects with UVtooth !”.

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