BrainBot charging - both D5 and D6 on at same time

When charging one of my BrainBots, after a while both D5 (red) and D6 (green) are on at the same time. What does this mean?

When the battery is being charged, the indicator light of the charger will light up in red, and when fully charged, it will light up in green. How long after being plugged in does the green light turn on?

I don’t recall how long it was before the green light turned on, maybe an hour.

Today, I plugged the same unit in, it started out red and while I was at lunch it went green. After leaving it plugged in, it went back to red for maybe five minutes, and then back to green. I don’t know if that is normal behavior since I usually unplug them once the green light comes on.

If the unit had both the red and green lights on at the same time today, I didn’t see it.

Is the unit charged after you see green light?

It appears to be.

Since I can’t get the unit to repeat the anomaly, I consider this closed for now.

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