Box diving treasure

Did i mention i’m a Gadgeteer fanboy :rofl:
Missing in action are another half dozen or so others in some other random boxes…


Oh that is beautiful!!

You found gold!

Oh I see you have the Mountaineer Boards too! Absolutely love those. I have maybe a dozen of the ethernet ones in active use. Serve me well for ethernet connected HID, lots of leds and buttons in different places across the hobby room.

Really wish something comparably small with ethernet came up for TinyCLR. Can always use ENC28J60 of course, but you know, it’s just a little bit cooler built onto the mainboard directly.

My messy desk at this moment!!


i will send you my gadgeteer boards

I hope these is not gadgeteer modules, but reborn gadgeteer modules (Why not called them phoenix ?) :grinning:

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If only you could see my PC screen :wink:


Gosh, what is happening here? What is this burst of new boards about? Is it that TinyCLR 2.1 triggers everything? Has designing / producing boards become easier these days? (FWIW: I absolutely love all these developments, and I’m completely amazed by it). Everything is built on TinyCLR as foundation, I sure hope it will be solid as a rock.

It’s actually got ALOT harder - the global parts shortage is an absolute mess at moment. Gone are the days when you could just order parts and get them in a few days. Now its a matter of re designing boards with alternative parts (if there are any) to get products out the door.

Its quite depressing when you have an exciting new idea and cant get the required parts for 52 weeks which is the current lead time for alot of popular items.

But fear not - i have found alternatives to produce a few more Gadgteeer boards :slight_smile:

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The global shortage has messed up me too. With small volume builds of special oilfield kit, I have to find alternative parts every time I need to do a build for each client. It’s a nightmare when it comes to some items that can’t be replaced or they differ in size and I have to rework the enclosures. Having to respin the PCB each time means I have to avoid holding stock of bare boards but luckily JLC allows me to order small runs at reasonable prices.