Borg Collective help required

Hi all. I am trying to find out what this part is and cannot locate anything with a Google search so I thought I would use your collective smarts to help.

I have an acoustic subsea telephone I am trying to fault find and have no schematic so trying to reverse engineer it. I have found that one of the oscillators is not working properly and unstable output of Mhz.

I have 2 Pierce oscillators running on the 1 CD4001 NOR gate. They are enabled with one of the NOR gate inputs so only 1 is active at a time.

One runs at 25Khz and is very stable. The scope shows this as 25.000 Khz.

The second one is occasionally 8Khz and then goes unstable but for 99% of the time it starts up as unstable. I have replaced the CD4001 but still the same for the X2 circuit. All of the resistor vallues check out and good.

The issue I have is indentifying the X1 and X2 parts on the PCB. The 25Khz one has 25 0V as the marking but the other is 32 35V which is strange for what should be 8Khz output.

Here is a few images of them with one of the rear. Has anyone come across these?

Overview of the PCB with X2 at the top, and X1 at the bottom.

The X2 part. This is the suspected faulty part.

The working X1 part at 25Khz output.

The rear of them is the same for both.