Bootloader V2 on Cerb40 II

I try to upgrade my old Cerb40 II to TinyCLR. From what I understand I need to upgrade the bootloader to V2. I cannot find a V2 “dfu” file to upload to get the bootloader V2 in the MCU. Every topic I found with a similar subject has url redirecting to error 404 pages.

Could someone help me?

Hi Brett,
I saw that thread, but the instruction is to load “TinyBooter_4_2_5_0.dfu”. So, if I understand how TinyCLR works, it needs something like “Cerb Bootloader v2.0.4.dfu”. I am able to load the old NetMF Bootloader in my Cerb40, but I cannot use TinyCLR Config software because the NetMF bootloader is not V2. Then, where can I find the Bootloader V2 for the Cerb40, allowing me to use the TinyCLR Config tool?

Maybe I am totally wrong and I can use TinyCLR with a device with a bootloader designed for NetMF!?!? I get hard time trying to find consistant informations.

so check what version your bootloader reports??

FEZ Config software reports the Following informations:

But, according to that answer from Gus : the TinyBooter in my Cerb40 deserves Nothing.

Then, I’m going to that page :

At the end of the previous there is a bunch of Bootloader download, but which one is suitable for the Cerb40?

why are you trying to use Fez Config, and not TinyCLR Config? And why are you not checking what bootloader version you have from within the bootloader, like the bootloader page tells you (hint: V command)

I found a way to achieve what I want but it is limited to the TinyCLR firmware 0.12.0. TinyCLR - Jumpstart Using Your Old Cerberus -
Does the version 1.0.0. of the TinyCLR exists for the Cerb family board?

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Cerb is a legacy board. Based on STM32F4 chipset. There are many STM32F4 options created by the community, but I am unsure if any of them are specifically targeting the Cerb40…

Edit: look here to start TinyCLR-Ports/Devices/Cerb at dev · ghi-electronics/TinyCLR-Ports · GitHub