Bootloader Upgrade G400D

regarding to Pin SPI1 SCK has to be connected to ground for update.
if i refer to G400D pinout ( those pin has no G400-TH assignment. which pin on g400-th has to be used for upgrade?


Here they are :

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In Point No. 4 in G400 bootloader installation guide, it states “If you are using another product based on the G400S or G400D, connect SPI1 MISO to ground.” It was not your previously stated “Pin SPI1 SCK”.
Could anybody clearly state which pin to be connected to ground? Is it PA24 or PA4?

Either pin will prevent the system from loading or loader, forcing the atmel samba loader.

Do not understand your reply.
My new G400TH’s bootloader version is 4.3.7. Do I need upgrading it?

Please open the release notes in your installed SDK to check which version is the one you have on your PC.

I recently tried upgrading a raptor on another employees system, and ended up using mine (and the command based upgrade). I then went back to his, made sure that the correct USB driver’s for the virtual com port were installed, tried running it, it found both a newer tiny booted and firmware, mines about 9 months old, and Fezconfig crashed trying to upgrade the tinybooter. On a hunch, I did notice that his screen was set to 125% of normal, but ran out of time to troubleshoot. Is that an issue, as it was in my older version for the firmware?