Bootloader slowing down boot?

I have the memory “split” to allow & use a bootloader to update my app. Normally this bootloader is not called by the main app (unless I’m doing a rare update).
However, it seems that when power is applied, the board (EMX/cobra) always takes twice as long as it used to to boot up into the normal app…is this true? can it be prevented?

I did use: SystemUpdate.EnableBootloader(); , though the bootloader code itself is not being called (except in the rare cases when I do an update).
Should it normally be disabled? would that effect the power-up time?

I see this option (I have NOT touched it or used it)…is it the cause of the slowdown: SystemUpdate…::…AlwaysRunBootloader Method
The managed bootloader mode will be forced upon power up (when power completely disconnected and then connected again). Note that future reboots activate the normal modes.

I have heard that relaease 4.2 is faster in booting, but I’m not ready to move to that yet. Would this also have the same issue?


We have never seen this before so not sure.

@ Hoyt,
I assume you have an LCD connected if it is a Cobra?

I’m only asking as I somehow “broke” my EMX Dev system.

I tried to update my Hydra’s firmware. The Update tool saw the Hydra and was happy, but when I pressed the button the Update Tool reset my connected EMX Dev board and tried to load the Hydra firmware. Ofcourse that failed, and I didn’t even loose my app that was running on the board.

But ever since that happend it always show a “Waiting for commands”(Or such, not at the board right now) on the display for around 10 seconds before it starts loading NETMF.

Do you see anything on the LCD during the delayed boot?