Bootloader on T18

Hi everyone,

Just found a couple of T18 in the drawer.
Can someone please remind me the necessary steps in order to put it in Bootloader mode in order to upgrade the firmware?
The LDR Btn (Hold) + Press Reset + Release Reset + Release LDR does not seem to work.

Thank you very much

If you are loading the loader, not the firmware, you need boot0 pin. I do not recall where it was connected, maybe a pad. But typically boards come with loader and you only need the firmware.

Thanks Gus for the Reply.

Then I’m totally doing it wrong: I’m connecting the FEZ to the PC and the configuration tool does not see it at all (no COM PORT appears in Windows 11). The Board is brand new, out of the box.
I remember from the older boards (Panda, etc) that pressing the Bootloader made it appear as a COMx.

The documentation says to put it in bootloader mode & to see the specific for each board. There is a Boot0 button on the board but that’s about it.

Thanks for the help

Check your device manager to see what device is showing up

The plot thickens;

  • on an older laptop (Windows 10) with a normal USB-A port, the TinyCLR v1 tool works OK. Firmware update done OK
  • on a newer one, WIndows 11 with USB-C ports only, the same cable + two different USB-C=>USB-A adapters : not working.

So it’s either a W11 problem, or a USB-C issue.
Thanks Gus, will use the old laptop.

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