Bootloader (netmf 4.3)

Is there a way to suppress the boot loader from running the loaded app?

It is driving me crazy making debugging difficult.

It is confusing pressing the reset button having the app partially run, then have the debugger take over and restart it again.
Also, if I have a fatal bug in the app, it makes it difficult to get the debugger to attach.

It would save me tons of debug time if when I press the reset button, the boot loader go straight into debug mode.
id this possible?

This feature exists in TinyCLR. In your case, just add a couple lines of code to sleep forever of a button is pressed (or not pressed). I mean you can simply add this in your code.

I do one of two things - one is as Gus suggests, delay meaningful processing for several seconds to allow stability (even things like power to connected devices benefit here). Second one is wait for a button press before progressing to an initialisation step. Which one I employ usually depends on what I want to test, they both have their uses.

@ wdlyons@ - Are you implementing your program in the Main Thread of the application?