Boot-up time

The boot up time is slow meaning.
It waits at the boot loader for ~30 sec.

I was under the impression that if I Reboot CLR on the FEZ Config it becomes ok.
I did that on 1 board and it is ok.

But another board it is fast and is only 5 sec. so it is good
What am I missing

Any other things I can do to make it boot up fast.
I cannot tell to my customer that on this board he has to wait for 30 sec for boot up

Not sure what you mean but 30 seconds is an unusual boot time! Something is wrong. Check what your application is doing. Also, try to add MFDeploy and “connect” on power up to check for messages.

@ microt - Using FezConfig from the menu select Advanced -> Reboot CLR.

I had that. I had to reflash the thing before it worked like new.