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Board specific data


This is a question for any of the USBizi based boards, but is there any way of having board specific data storage an example would be a mac address or maybe a serial number, it would be nice if this data could be updated without changing the managed code on the device.
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Yes, save them to EWR or to battery ram.


If he is talking about MAC addresses and serial numbers, he may mean something persistent.


EWR should be good even for MAC address. Of course erasing the entire FEZ will erase the EWR region too but if you are shipping a product with MAC saved then you probably are not going to erase the entire device


FYI, EWR only works on Cobra. It is not available on smaller versions.


I was thinking of something along the lines of using MfDeploy to write to an information sector on the device, anyone done something similar


For the FEZ Domino you obviously could store the values on a small cheep SD card. If the values were stored in a regular text file it would be easy for the users to update it.


USBiz does not have configuration sector like EMX


You could attach an eeprom to your board


^^^ This would work quite nicely:


yup, every man and his dog makes an EEPROM chip. They vary from a few kb up to a few mb. Keep in mind that EEPROM is pretty slow as a form of data storage so you’d only want to store config stuff that is read in once…


looking through the Ghi assemblies I noticed a


class - can this be used on the UsBizi


This seems to do exactly as it says, you can write 16 bytes of data BUT only once, and can read it back, this is exactly what I was looking for, nice feature
Hasnt anybody else used this?


maybe this should be mentioned in the manual


Just like the wording says, this helps you in saving some permanent data on the device. But you can only do it once as it is permanent


thanks, what I meant was this is EXACTLY what I want, (well ok a little bigger would be nice), but 16 bytes is fine for a couple of macs + an id.