Board schematic

It seems that with new reorganization of website, I can’t find schematic no more. will at least get you one version…

Why would a teacher need schematic? :slight_smile:

Because some teacher are curious ? :wink:
To develop drivers for expansion slot ?


Sorry but schematic has gone again … but where ? :wink:

All schematics are on docs

Sorry to say that but … where are brainpad docs now ?
I’m trying to port brainpad to micropython 1.12 but I need to know which UART, SPI, I2C … pins are connected to busses.

I just realized you are talking about BrainPad. We have been too busy releasing TinyCLR/SITCore but we will have more time in a week or so. We will be making a lot of updates.

Yes, I’m in Brainpad section :wink:
But I should reckognise my question was not really clear !

I have a schematic but it is for brainpad v1 and it seems light bulb has changed pins.

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Thanks a lot, it’s exactly what I’m looking for :+1:

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