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Board does not always 'reset' when deploying a new project


Every once in a while when I press the ‘Play’ button in VS, it will tell me that it is resetting the board and nothing else happens. If I press the reset button on the Domino then the project will continue to deploy.

I’ve tried using an external l power supply which does not seem to help the situation. I’ve done some searching here on the forum and saw only one other mention of this issue. The response from Gus was to use an external power supply, reboot the PC, or maybe the PC was too slow. As I’ve tried an external power supply, and the PC I’m using is not slow (new Dell Latitude E series), I’m not sure what else might cause this symptom.



i have the same result. And it will work after i do a manual reset.


VS needs to attach to the debugger, which happens on an idle time of the system. It happens where VS fails to attach for if the system is too busy.

The causes can be:

  1. Your code is not leaving any idle time for the system. For example, you have while(true);
  2. Interrupts are firing too frequently. For example, you have an open COM port and there is a lot of incoming data
  3. The application is simple intense and not leaving room for debugger to attach.

I have also seen it where the PC is running too slow (due to low memory or just an old PC) where the debugger doesn’t attach as nicely as on a faster machine.


Thanks Gus, that helps me understand what is happening now. If you keep the target system too tied up then VS cannot always connect to it. As it happens I have one of those nasty 'while(true)‘s’ in there, I had put in a thread sleep as a key repeat timer for the LCD Shield but looking again at it I see that it will only sleep after a key is hit, but not between reads where no key was hit.

I was going to redo that section of code anyhow to have a timer poll the LCD_Shield keys and then emit events when a key is seen. That would allow for all sorts of cool stuff like giving different meaning too a key being pressed/released or held down.