BMP drawing directly to SD

I’m not sure if this is the long way around but I couldn’t find any built in functions to do this. The main thing I use this for is to visually debug data and I really just wanted 4bpp. The main bitmap and graphics functions seem to be mostly for units with a lot more ram.

USBizi does not support bitmap. It all boils down to the available RAM for a local buffer. So you can implemet a smaller buffer and use loops to crete a bitmap to file. Slow but works around the memory limitation.

Try to optimise for better performance. Google for other projects that have done similar.

That’s what I thought, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something before I keep working on a way around it.

FYI - Spiral supports BMP. I have not tried a screen save yet. I would not expect it to be a high speed operation.

TinyBitmap:SaveToBMP is actually quite fast. Graphics.SaveToBMP (which reads the entire LCD) however is indeed painfully slow.