Bluno Beetle

Interesting little board from DFRobot

and you might get it for free.


Looks neat, and free sounds good until I calculate the amount of time it would take me to come up with a project idea and email them. My time isn’t free. :whistle:

But for $15, I may well pick one or two of these up when they’re available.

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Looks like I have been putting off playing with AVRs long enough, making a project commitment might be exactly what I need to get myself motivated to venture out of my relative comfort zone of the ARM processors…

Now if only I could think of a cool project…

here’s a project idea, make it into a key somehow, and add some useful Bluetooth function for it. maybe use Bluetooth to triangulate your keys positions!! GENIUS!!!

@ MRTFEREN - If I could triangulate the position of the key with the Bluetooth on my phone that would truly be genius… I would have more money than Bill Gates :whistle:

Let me get started on that, any VC backers interested?

But you might be onto something, not having done anything with Bluetooth before, I would be interested to see if I could estimate distance to the device based on the dB of the signal, that might be interesting.

i’ll accept a royalty of 2%, thank you very much.

Another idea could be hooking it up to an electronic device we use daily and using Bluetooth to activate the device.

Bluetooth into a quadcopter controller. It offloads the data to the phone cpu to process it. I wonder how well that would work, how much lag is acceptable?

key fob locator via BLE is not new sorry guys.

Ahh, Brett there you go dashing our hopes of fame and glory :slight_smile:

Could we use the key fob to locate the cell phone?

Im not that familiar with the air protocol layer of bluetooth - its only a one-to-one pairing though right? No way to have a swarm of these things communicating via BT? Or is it possible?


It all depens on the type of communication. BT low energy have this “advertizing” mode where no pairing as such is required. The advertizing packets can be seen by any other device in range and every device can also advertise. This is suitable for small amounts of data such as key fobs or temperature sensors and such. But if you are talking of controlling a swarm of robots, then it will probably not be suitable and you will need to go in paired connection mode.

ok guys ive got it now. make something like those hex nano, throw on a vibrator motor and leds too. an intelligent hex nano, maybe you can control the direction from iPhone.