Can anyone recommend a nice bluetooth unit that can work with the Fez Cobra iii. I would like to write output to my phone screen instead of writing to a display.

I that is not possible where can I buy a display that will work on the Fez Cobra iii.

One more question - what is the chance of getting screw shield that connects to the GXP pins on the fez cobra iii?


I do not have a recommendation but I would like to point out that you should be able to use any Arduino shield. They will likely use the uart pins D0 and D1. Those care COM port on your system.

You can connect a display. Using
Actually I have a Tech Talk planned for this.

Why not use male-male wires and a breadboard?

Using the screen of a phone via bluetooth as display for a Cobra III is certainly a lot of work. As a first task you will need to make an App for the phone, where you have to consider that i-phones do not support the bluetooth SPP-protocol (what do you use Android, I-phone, Windows Phone?) Then you need a bluetooth module with a driver for the Copra III. I have some projects here on CodeShare using bluetooth. Adapting the drivers should not be too hard. When using the display of the phone is the only reason for the bluetooth transmission, I think it’s not worth the effort. An own display for the Cobra III is certainly the easiest way. If it shall be wireless, WiFi and a webserver on the Cobra is another option.

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@ Gus -

“You can connect a display. Using
Actually I have a Tech Talk planned for this.”

Thanks for the feedback. Both the display and the gadgeteer units you have for this is marked legacy - I dont want to develop against a legacy system - is there a chance that the display will be changed to contain GPX pins and subsequently get rid of gadgeteer sockets?



It has the GXP header on it !

@ riaan.mastenbroek@ - take a look at the second image on the product page please. You will not use gadgeteer headers.

Thanks Gus,

Quick question, the display is marked as legacy - will this be removed from the catalog in due course?



@ riaan.mastenbroek@ - The display may not stay but the pinout will stay. We are planning on offering the same display board but with GXP only, no Gadgeteer. This is planned for the very near future. The new board will probably not be much different from the current board.

By the way, this video will help you, especially near the end