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Bluetooth WIth this component


Is this component (mini USB BLuetooth key) usable with the Domino?

Any idea if it could be “feasable” to use it ? (the price is so cheap that I would enjoy plug in into my FEZ domino to add bluetooth features :slight_smile:

possible ?


not possible :frowning:


If you are looking for a cheap solution and are ready to use a serial port then you can look into buying A bunch of them are available on ebay for a mere $8.
I use one of these and haven’t had any complains.


Thanks TANU

I was aware of this product but was just wishing to know if any other solution with Dongle could be used :slight_smile:

The answer is clear : NO DONGLE USE possible !!

Not a shame, just a fact. No regrets either !!!