Bluetooth Module Eagle Files


I need some cheap Bluetooth modules, and wanted to produce a few PCBs of the discontinued bluetooth module ( )

Could GHI be so kind to share the eagle files? It would save me a lot of time :slight_smile:

Another question: What Bluetooth module is that? HC-05 or HC-06?


As far as I know Justins module was 40$?
Little bit too expensive for that project.
And I have HC-05 modules here, so it would be a good opportunity to use them :smiley:

it is not possible to use Hc5 or Hc6 together with the GHI Bt Module PCB, they have different pin layout. It should be possible to use Seeed Bluetooth Bee together with the GHI XBee adapter module. Together around 25 €.

@ RoSchmi - are you sure?

I checked following:

  1. comment on for Bluetooth module:
    DX New Forum – Discuss Cheap Electronics and Find Smart Tech Here

  2. the guy links that site:

  3. when I compare the pins from that site with the ones from the module page:

It seems to be the same?

I’m quite sure. The GHI Bluetooth Module uses the Seed Master/Slave SoC which is different to HC-05/06 in firmware and pins.

Okay thanks for the info!
I think I have to build one =/

How many devices are you going to produce? Keep in mind that you have write a new driver. I would think that below 50 or 100 it is not “cheaper” to make new PCB and driver

I know, I know…I only need a few…will take a closer look about the complexity of the driver. I think there are many code examples which could be adapted

the HC05 module is the one that GHI intended to go on the Game-O so there’s code around :wink: