Bluetooth Mate

The only Bluetooth module I can find locally albeit a bit expensive to my liking is the Bluetooth Mate:

Now, this also seems to have the CTS and RTS broken out.

How much different is this to connect to a Panda II than a module that does not have the CTS and RTS broken out?

Do I even need to worry about those pins? Meaning, are they broken out to use only if you DO need to use hardware flow control?

I managed to find a little info regard the Bluetooth Mate Silver on the Arduino forum regarding pin connections:

Gnd to Gnd on the Panda II
VCC to 3.3V on the Panda II
CTS to RTS on the bluetooth
Rx to Tx = Panda II COM1 OUT (Di1)
Tx to Rx = Panda II COM1 IN (Di0)

I assume the “CTS to RTS on the bluetooth” is correct?

The price on this unit is still bugging me though.