Bluetooth for SITcore. Which module?

I have to add Bluetooth to the SCM20260N design I am working on and was wondering if there was any module already developed and if so, which part to use? This will have to be soldered to the board so sadly, Click options are not suitable although I could use the same part on my board.

I asked the same question a few weeks ago here: Suggested Bluetooth Module

Only got 1 response, the HC05.

You can solder Click modules directly on a PCB, there is no problem at all.
I would even say that this will simplify your design and routing :wink:

We have already made this with the ETH Click for a commercial product.

Doing a bit of searching I found the RN4871 which is nice and small to fit onto a corner of my board design. There is also an external antenna version RN4871U that I could also consider.

This is only to support a serial connection over wireless so nothing complicated.

I’m using the RN4678 and it works well, although I’m not sure what you aim to use BT for. Not sure of the difference between the two, although the 4871 looks smaller and definitely has fewer pads.

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Purely as a serial wireless link.

RN4678 works well for that. Note iOS doesn’t support SPP though.
RN4871 may as well, but I haven’t researched that chip…

I posted my Bluetooth SPP implementation for the RN4678 here under MIT license:

I’m guessing it would probably work well for the RN4871, or would do so with minimal modifications.