Bluetooth Controller Help

I’m trying desperately to get a bluetooth controller to work w/ the Gadgeteer Bluetooth module and it’s kicking my butt.

I’ve trying PS3 & XBOX, but they require a level of control I can’t excerpt over the module.

So I picked up a Bluetooth tablet controller from GameStop thinking that might work, nope.

Anyone able to get this working with any kind of controller? So far the best I can achieve is connecting to my iPhone or Android tablet.

Where did you stuck?

Can’t even pair the devices. I can get the request for example “Request from: GS controller on 0,1B,35,7,7B,95” comes in but when I sent out the +CONN command, I get a connection failed.

Did you switch your module to master mode?

I’ve set it to master, client and everything else.

I’ve even got it bound to the GameSlate button pad to I can take over manual control as I watch the debug data.

I know all of the controllers are find since I can pair them with their intended devices, and I know the bluetooth module is fine since I can pair it with my phone or tablet.

I’ve also stored the address given in master mode, switched to client mode and attempted connection. Nada.

I have to try. One thing that I have experienced before is that you need to give some time to certain commands (Thread.Sleep), It seems that if it is not done with current command and there is a new one it starts working on the new command right away. This is especially important during initial pairing.

Yup I’ve played with the timing and even done manual control.

Rigt now I’m hosed because I tried changing the baud rate without realizing the driver is hardcover for a certain rate. I can’t get the driver to recompile and so now I can change baud rates back. :wall:

There should be a way to reset this thing. Check seeed’s site wiki on the actual bluetooth module doc.

.RESET does nothing for me and I’m not using any jumper cables on this.

Why would you even put in a BaudRate method if you can support changing baud rates?! >:(

I managed to reset the baud by creating a new project pretending to be a Gadgeteer app & module at once to open the port @ 115200 and change it back to 38400.

@ GHI; please address this in the next firmware.

Still have no luck connecting to controllers. :frowning:

I am not exactly sure what si the problem but there is no bluetooth drivers yet so I am not sure!

Of course any help or contribution is highly appreciated.