Bluetooth based wireless audio system

I want to create a system of bluetooth speakers which can work together paired to one master connected to a mobile device.
The speakers should also be able to function independently.
I’m not very good at electronics and was considering having a master Bluetooth with others serving as RF
repeaters. But that would sound bad and there would be no modularity.

Any suggestions/recommendations for what PCBs and chips would do the job.

Thanks in advance.

Are the chips supposed to generate the bluetooth sound? If so then you should know, most of the inexpensive bluetooth modules, don’t have an audio out. This has to be added with an i2c device, and accurate bit timings. People seem to use a buffer ic, to do the job though. I suppose if you could get enough Rpis together you could hook something up.

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Yes. They are supposed to transmit the sound signal and then the receiving paired slave outputs that signal again to the next receiver in the chain while outputting that signal to an amplifier.

What’s the sound source?

Smartphone. Aux.