BlueTooth and G120 or other chip

What bluetooth devices does G120 or netmf support. Do they always have to have a driver? or a standard interface? I noticed a bluetooth gadgeteer i the GHI catalog…do i need a driver for this or is it support in the netfm?

Just trying to understand the layers involved!

How do i write a driver for some hardware?

thanks in advance

tell us what you think you want to achieve and then we can talk about whether the current Gadgeteer module will suit (it probably won’t, since it only supports SPP profile). Justin has a Smart Bluetooth module that is a BLE device.

Both modules use a U socket (serial communications), so I don’t see why Gadgeteer boards and SoM would NOT support this.

as Brett mentioned it depends on what you want to do. If you have program control on both sides of the BT-Connection, you can do a lot of things with the SPP profile of the GHI BT-module and, as I think with justins Bluetooth SMART module as well. I am just working on an adoption of the ftp-protocol for the BT-connection. If you want to connect with apple devices, the GHI-Module will not work, as iOS does not support the Serial Port Profile (SPP). The connection with the G120 should be no problem. With the Cobra II I had no problems with the GHI BT-Module. A driver Class is needed. I adopted the driver class of Eduardo Veloso to NETMF 4.2.
For a connection with a Windows PC I use the 32fett library as shown in this example

Btw: Whats the matter with Justin? Im missing him!

Regards Roland