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Blue modern-ui like theme for Glide


I have created a repository on GitHub with the latest Glide-Sources. I have changed all the resources to use a more modern theme. You have to download the repo and you need to compile it using Netmf 4.3 (QFE1) or the latest release.



I have used the Tiny Font Tool to convert SegoeUI (not in the repo). Just use the font that you prefer.


Too much Linux - lol :slight_smile: Sorry about that. Fixed.


I like Glade it sounds tranquil


Like it as well :slight_smile: It’s a great framework, too.


Make’s your bathroom smell good, too. :wink:


Ok. Finally had some sleep and coffee. Glade is the IDE and GTK is the framework.And of course it makes your bathroom smell good, too - LOL :slight_smile: