BLE, LTE and SD card support?

I’d really like to get working with TinyCLR. For a new project I’m looking to support BLE, LTE and SD Card. The main idea of the project would be to receive sensor data from 5 sensors via BLE, store that data on the SD card and send it to cloud servers. The c# part and server side I dont expect too many issues. But the hardware … I would not know where to start given the SITCore boards I’ve seen.
Anyone an idea on which boards/components to use for this purpose?

shortly a big YES you can do everything with SiteCore have a lot memory,have speed,have ready documentation even ready sample for SD card and Cloud,
but for BLE and LTE you should use your devices commands (some are via uart,some via spi) - drivers also for sensors too.

in community already exist some drivers for bluetooth but with them help you could do also for LTE.

do just switch here and start with an board example FezDuino or Feather or the best an SiteCore development board is the best choice.

Starting with the feather or fezduino … OK. I can do that.

I indeed found the support for the SD card …

var sd = StorageController.FromName(SC20100.StorageController.SdCard);

I do wonder how to wire up a SD Card to the SITCore feather … perhaps use a adafruit logger feather for that?

For LTE I was hoping I could use the packages like GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Networking.Http:

 using (var req = HttpWebRequest.Create(url) as HttpWebRequest)
        { ... }

If LTE is going to require serial commands … I guess I’d better not count on using this networking package?

Why not use a board with SD instead? Sounds like you love challenges and want to go the difficult route :slight_smile:

Ai really? Ha I see. You mean the FEZ duino has SD Card slot ready to use (as does the bit and the portal??) Thank you for that pointer. I was thinking keeping it compact. Valon mentioned the feather … hence I thought that made sense. The FEZ duino than to start with?

Products that I propose GHI Small board computer to start with it

Products that to use for GHI Universal Development Boards
also you have from MikroBus.Net RAM Board too.

Products to make your own board GHI SOC or GHI SOM ready system complete
so you a big choice when to start there

OK, thanks for the advise … I’ve studied more material. I’m going to start using the FEZ duino, a click shield and two clicks. I’m sure this will keep me busy for a while :wink:


Come back and show off what you are making

I will get back with some early experiences… perhaps that can be interesting for other new-comers. For now, I really looking forward to get my hands on this TinyCLR…

I belive you will more than you think satisficed with TinyCLR OS because of easy development (know way of coding - C#) and with a lot of already drivers here you can get …

1. GHI Drivers
2. MBN Micro Drivers
3. Meadow - TinyCLR Driver

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Thank you for these links. Really helpful! Now waiting for the components to arrive.