BLE in the vege garden

As i mentioned in my last self watering post my youngest had to create and maintain a vege garden for a school project.

Attached are a few pics of before and after, it’s a pity i didn’t take a pic of the garden in it’s initial super feral state as the grass was about 4 foot high!

The little munchkin with his mothers help cleared, dug, planted, weeded and finally placed paving stones and bark to produce a sweet little garden. Not bad for a little pip squeak who weighs about 28kg dripping wet.

Then daddy couldn’t help himself so added BLE enabled irrigation for watering so he can enjoy a cheeky beer instead of holding the garden hose :slight_smile:

So it’s NETMF 4.4 running on a STM32F411 powered via 12v which also powers the 12v water solenoids using high side switches controlled via BLE and a Win10 Phone app.

Works a treat but next week it will get pimped even more with WiFi and sensor data to the cloud ::slight_smile:


The garden looks great.

I see marigolds, sweet potatoes?, Swiss chard, good looking green boots, nasturtiums some sort of basilicas and what else?
Get some mulch on that soil and turn that rake over before you bonk your face with it when you step on it. :slight_smile:

I have not automated my 30’ X 50’ garden because if it was automatic, I would not be out there every day watering it.

“The best fertilizer is a gardener’s shadow”


@ Terrence - I have the ride on mower for getting out doors :smiley:

Garden contains among others…
Tomatoes (few different types)
Runner beans
Sweet corn
Water melons
And other stuff…

@ Justin - man, good work. Keep us posted with pics.