BlackDogSpark and Glide Studio will be no more updates

Sad news folks.

I have been trying to track down Blackdogspark (Pasi Elo) for about 2 months now and I last contacted him at the end of November to find out if he was going to release his code. He told me he was looking to do this but had just ended from a long term common law marriage and it sounded like it hit him hard. I saw on the 2nd of Dec 15, on his FB page a posting about goodbye world and a message about taking lots of medicines.

I thought i was just a joke at first but I sadly got the news today from one of his friends on Facebook that he did indeed take them and passed away. This was sad news considering all the forum messages in the past.

RIP BlackDogSpark.

Oh my, that is terrible news.

What a pity. :frowning:

That’s sad news for sure. :’(

Hopefully someone can get hold of the souce-code and honour him by keeping his project alive - and give him some meaningful credits.

That is so very sad. RIP @ BlackDogSpark. :’(

So tragic, condolences to his family and friends.

Agreed. Sincere condolences to all who knew him or his work, and to all those he left behind in his personal life.


Sad news indeed. RIP

Wow. Too bad. No woman is worth that.


Permanent solution to a temporary problem :frowning:

Winter in Scandinavian countries must be depressing.

I have been living in Helsinki, you need some strong indoor entertainment attractions to keep you running.

Take a look at this: [url]Sunrise and sunset times in Ivalo, January 2016

@ njbuch - Wow.

“down all day” is not something I expect to see when looking up sunrise and sunset times.

January 9th’s day was 24 minutes long…

I thought the sun setting at 4:50PM in san jose on my birthday was bad.

The sun is currently setting about 9:10 PM for us right now…rising at 6:30 AM

Have to add that having been born and lived in Scotland for 40 years before moving to warmer a climate, although we never had the cold as bad as Scandinavia, it was bad enough to make you not want to go out and do things in the winter months. It was depressing at times. Since moving to the tropics, every day is great to wake up to knowing it will be always warm even when we have a downpour. We don’t have the same long days of summer, which I miss, but we do have hot weather all year round.

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Very sad news indeed, my condolences to his close ones.