Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Why not both?

Come one, come all for the 4-day sale extravaganza that starts at 10am EST on Black Friday and ends at 10pm EST on Cyber Monday! This year we are giving you up to 50% off select products and we are even including free worldwide shipping for orders totaling over $250! Come join us this Friday to see what amazing products and amazing prices will be available for this year’s amazing sale!

Please keep clicking here to be the first to see what products are going to be on sale.

Sale Items:


… I guess I’m tooooooo soon … :whistle:

Wow… That looks like a great sale. I just ordered 100 of everything that’s in that catalog! :smiley:

@ Ian

I’m a day ahead of most of you, and there’s still nothing at that link! :slight_smile:

Quick tell me what the winning lotto numbers are here today, then when I win I can really take advantage of this sale…

And you’re hours in front of me too ! We’ll be back Friday and I hope to snap up a bargain or three :slight_smile:

At least put -something- there… a big exciting banner that says “click here for amazingsauce!” that leads to a blank page is the kind of thing that leads to negative “core memories”

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Really? I can’t tell you the number of online stores I go to that have a “specials corner” or some other way of putting things that are on sale in their own category that’s able to be found at any time, even if there’s nothing on offer there at that time. I always find myself drawn to those, and look for that “bargain” that ay not have “needed”

At least one of the popular online DIY electronics sites is offering a black friday/cyber monday preview… it’s REALLY nice to know what will be available ahead of time… ???

Agreed. It’s good to get in line for my money. It’s usually first come first served. First on my list this year is a new SSD for my computer. Gary, are you going to have any of those on sale? :wink: Seriously, though, an extra RPi2 (or two) are on my list. So, if those will be on sale then I might be tempted to throw a few more things in the basket.

Oh, I know that feeling. 90% of my inventory is “hey, that looks cool. I bet I could come up with an idea for that some day! Plus its on sale!”

I really don’t need any more GHI stuff at all. I have enough to last me for several projects. Well, except I dont have a spider2 yet.

This is a dangerous time of year for me, lol.

I actually need to sell a big lot of GHI/Arduino/Beaglebone/Adafruit/DFRobot stuff on ebay/trademe to pay for anything new.

I don’t think that GHI will offer the RPi2 on sale :slight_smile: It is not their product and the margin may be too think to offer a discount…

but hey I could be wrong.

I don’t expect it to be either but it never hurts to let them know what I’m in the market for. :wink:

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3.5 hrs until the sale starts :open_mouth: Can’t. Wait. Any. Longer. :wall: Other shops here in Europe started hours ago so my credit card limit comes closer :smiley: But as I can’t find the FEZ Cream at any European distributor I have to wait… AHRG! :stuck_out_tongue:

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99.9% of us on here have the same damn illness. I keep saying I don’t need anything but I keep checking the count down. Damn you GHI.

It is going took be worth the wait, trust me :wink:

An big applaus to the community members that keep the wheels on turning … :clap:

I think NetMf and Gadgeteer wouldn’t be there where it is now !!!

Not to my credit card it’s not. :slight_smile:

@ Dave McLaughlin - I’ve got multiple cc and … psst … my wife still doesn’t know, which is good for my health as well …