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Black Friday and no GHI Sale


Hard to get into the black Friday spirit without a GHI sale to kick it off.


Maybe they are too busy getting a new TinyCLR-Version ready for Christmas :christmas_tree::thinking:


I was thinking about that. First time in about 10 years! Fear not, with all the great things to come, you are in for a treat.


On this time last year through my cousin i own a
Fez Spider II kit on black friday sales… (before gadgeter gone on history)


Any ETA on the next release of tinyclr? I have project i wish to start and deciding on board to use…just wondering what coming next?


Are exists features enough for what you need?



For hungry developers never are enought


I mean for a commercial product’s needs. Of course the nerd inside all of us wants more


My main issue is networking? I have a few fez cobra 3 and using the networking through wifi/Ethernet and need to know if this is supported?

We are developing a commercial product and doing field trials but reluctant to use g120 if Ethernet/wifi not supported.


Gus has previously said, TinyCLR OS is still pre-release and therefore not what you’d want for commercial product usage. It’s therefore NOT supported at all.
NetMF 4.3 is still the go-to for commercially supported options


We are moving towards a release soon. We will share the roadmap, but so far networking is not going to be there. Stay tuned for the official roadmap.