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@ Brett, Why did you laugh? :slight_smile:

Congrats @ Bill Gates! Just a little more and you can get insider access.

Congratulations :clap:

Well, well, well, who ever thought of that, Bill Gates to become a master in an MCU community … :whistle:

Congratulations, nevertheless :clap: :clap:

Congrats !!! :clap:

@ Mr John Smith - You weren’t the only one to ask why I laughed. I laugh because we’ve had .22 posts per day of this person with next to no value-added in those posts, plus the post that made them level up was about Kopi Luwak and Google. So many wasted posts… :slight_smile:

@ Brett - Wasted post #228

I shall see you at TE soon my young Padawan…

Thanks to all the non employee’s that have wished me well… ;D

Now if i could only just get good staff…

And to prove my posts are not always like tits on a bull…

#include <cores\arm\include\cpu.h>
 #include "..\stm32f7xx.h"

typedef  USART_TypeDef* ptr_USART_TypeDef;

// IO addresses
static const ptr_USART_TypeDef g_STM32F7_Uart_Ports[] = {USART1, USART2, USART3, UART4, UART5, USART6, UART7, UART8};
static const ptr_USART_TypeDef g_STM32F7_Uart_Ports[] = {USART1, USART2, USART3, UART4, UART5, USART6};

// Pins
static const BYTE g_STM32F7_Uart_RxD_Pins[] = STM32F4_UART_RXD_PINS;
static const BYTE g_STM32F7_Uart_TxD_Pins[] = STM32F4_UART_TXD_PINS;
 #if defined(STM32F4_UART_CTS_PINS) && defined(STM32F4_UART_RTS_PINS)
    static const BYTE g_STM32F7_Uart_CTS_Pins[] = STM32F4_UART_CTS_PINS;
    static const BYTE g_STM32F7_Uart_RTS_Pins[] = STM32F4_UART_RTS_PINS;

void STM32F7_USART_Handle_RX_IRQ (int ComPortNum, USART_TypeDef* uart)
    char c = (char)(uart->RDR); // read RX data
    USART_AddCharToRxBuffer(ComPortNum, c);

void STM32F7_USART_Handle_TX_IRQ (int ComPortNum, USART_TypeDef* uart)
    char c;

Hm, is this the real Bill Gates? :-[

What do you mean by real? :smiley:

:dance: :dance: :clap: :clap:

@ Bill Gates - No further comments !!!