BIG ish display? (like small readerboard, or big backlit panel)?

I am looking to display a counter, and need it to be legible from several feet away.

I am thinking of something 4" square or larger, possibly active (LED/plasma) or backlit, so it is legible in low or no light.

Ultimately, this may be used indoors, or outdoors, so if there is something already in a weatherproof housing… that would be a winner.


Thank you!

We have 7" display already and we will have a VGA gadgeteer module in few weeks so you can connect any TV/monitor you like.

Gus, those displays are sweet!


  • I don’t need touch screen, just display… so these seem pricier than I need
  • They are all out of stock!
  • Are there any docs on how to interface a FEZ device to panda II / netduino world?


While panda has more memory and is far more capable than netduino, it still too small for large displays.

You should consider spider or hydra.

personally, I like the idea of the VGA adapter, and use any old monitor you want. Other than that, you really need one of the more capable devices with full graphics lib support like the Cobra or Spider/Hydra if you head down the Gadgeteer path.



I already AM considering FEZ and Hydra. I recognize that these are super cool platforms.

I get the message!

I am building up, one piece at a time. My app is multi tier (with a little web service I run in the cloud), and I am not a coder. I just got my proof of concept running on a netduino yesterday. Now I have a ton of polishing to do, and I need to figure our display.

My question is open: A display that is 4" to 10" diagonal, touch not needed, hopefully affordable.

I recognize that FEZ and Hydra can do it.

Suggestions on the display side?

ready built option: 7" Fez display, or even the 4.3" Fez display that the cobra has - yes it has touch, but don’t use it.

Waiting for a bit longer: VGA and pick your own panel size.

There’s not uch else that you won’t have to do from scratch, and none that are going to be “cheap”. So I’d err on the side of one of those, at least you know what you’re getting yourself into, who knows what rabbit hole you might go down if you try to do your own… Plus you don’t tell us how proficient you are with any of these options, so we can’t really know how comfortable you might be with any of these options.