Bicycling in Holland and Belgium

My wife and I are in the final stages of planning for a bicycle trip to Holland and Belgium, in May or early June of this year. It will be a group tour with guides.
The itinerary starts and returns to Brussels, and includes stopovers in Middelburg, Bruges and Gent.

I think the landscape will be fairly flat, which appeals to me after spending a week climbing volcanoes in Sicily. The tour operator we found can
provide electric assist bikes, which are one of my passions.

Does anyone have any experience biking in Holland and/or Belgium? How is the rain situation during May and June?

Any FEZers in the area who need a drink?

@ Gus - As usual, we will send you pictures of the desserts.

Get a tandem … this way you can have a designated driver after sampling all of the lovely Lambic :slight_smile:

Great idea! Also good to have a desiccated driver.

Andre… You REALLY need a holiday/vacation! :slight_smile:

@ Mike - Lucky you! Take a picture for next year “Where is Mike?” contest :wink:

@ andre.marschalek -

…And tell the one on the front seat you’re looking for the road on google map :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Dont think it is believable ! :o

These months have been pretty good last year(s) but Belgium is a rainy country… be prepared :wink:

The weather in Holland is not much different as in Belgium :wink: Lots of dedicated bike roads in Holland :slight_smile:

The Netherlands looks like a bike rider’s paradise.

Yes it is. And it gets even better… For example traffic lights for bikers will turn from red to green faster when the weather is bad, like raining. With sensors in the road to detect a bike is waiting for a traffic light. Recently i red that an experiment will start to place “roofs” above bike roads… all kind of initiatives to get people out of the car for a better health and better environment. Have fun when you visit Belgium and Holland!!

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@ RobvanSchelven - Thanks! I am really looking forward to my trip.

Was trying to find an old photo I took in Amsterdam. It was a bunch of old rusted frames still chained to fences along the canals. Stripped of everything possible.

@ Mike are you taking your electric bike with you? :wink:

@ Architect… yeah some people can use everything trying to make some money to buy weed from the coffee shop :wink: but… this days Amsterdam civil servants remove the bikes when they stay to long :wink:

No Valentin. But, it seems that in the past year or two it has become very common for
bike tour companies to offer electric bikes for a small surcharge.

I am not sure that an electric bike is really necessary on the trip, but I will
be getting one just in case.

@ Mike - Great, I am sure you will like it there. I did.

This sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun.

You could get one of these rear hub motor, 36v brushless dc motor. high speed bldc for electric BBS, ebike batteries, Bafang M620, Bafang M600, Bafang M500, Bafang M510, KT controller with and mount it and just use for uphill biking. Control it through Gadgeteer :slight_smile:

Oh, I forgot, it’s Holland and Belgium. No hills, then. :slight_smile:

@ harleydk - FYI

I stand corrected :smiley: Cool bike-project.