Better/Faster Motor Module

A more powerful motor module would be nice. Most of the projects i see using the current L298 move very slow.
Are there alternatives?

I haven’t seen one, but it would be quite possible to put together a dual H-bridge with discrete MOSFETs that could handle much more power than an L298. How much power do you need?

Have this:

which has a built in “Dual 4 Amp H-Bridges - control 2 DC motors, or one Bipolar Stepper Motor”.
That kit was my favorite but the company seems to have slowly died…so no further updates. It was in fact one of the first .net based boards before gadgeteer. The motor is powered by an external power supply and pretty decent…so to answer your question, something comparable.

Sounds exactly like an L298, which is a 4A (2A continuous) dual H-bridge.

Not sure then why these examples i have seen using the L298 move so slowly…i know my trackster is a bit of a beast. i do power it with either a 6v 2200mah 9.6v 4500ma NiMH batteries

It’s all about the motors you’re using, and how much current they draw.

Hmmm…so maybe i’ll give L298 a try with the motors i already have. thanks

BTW, I have a module that uses the MC33932.

See: NXP® Semiconductors Official Site | NXP Semiconductors

Someone has pointed out an issue which seems to be noise related though, so my module is currently off the shelf till I can look at the problem a little more.