Beta program teaser

Who wants some early holiday gifts?


Looks GREAT!! Couple of issue though… Board on left is upside down… Also the “ARM” thingy on it seems to be defective, has smuggies all over it… One on right is even harder to make out!!

I’m guessing we wont be able to plug in the UD700 display on these?

Christmas is coming!!

Yes please :smile:

Love the modification on the bottom left with the cap. :slight_smile:

Gus, is the UC5550 or G400 going to be supported in TinyCLR 2.0 Beta? I’d much prefer to purchase one of the dev kits and modules from Mouser and work with something a lot more powerful and have access to the LCD interface, like we talked about. :wink:

I would one if possible. :wink:
Why not have an Arduino connection style too ? Or a child card to add on “big” bus ?
Is it possible to add a greater display with capacitive touch ?

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The Dual Mikro socket would be handy!!!
Just got in 2 x 32 bit AtoD’s (Mikro was all I could get) to do some bench testing on to eventually go into product if the field test goes ok…

And why are you assuming to is less powerful? :yum:

I bet you will not find anyone to say no :wink: (good to see the mikrobus here)

Yes, looking forward to play with it!

Based on the MHZ speed and the fact you have no tables to backup any speed tests.

It would be nice to see some comparisons of the G400D and the UC5550 with some tests. :wink:

@Gus_Issa - Do they come gift wrapped??? :thinking:

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Absolutely, yes. It would make my year, technically speaking! :nerd_face:

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Here is some comparison for you:
PI calculate math test:
G120: 31ms
G80: 19ms
G400: 10ms
UC55: 6ms
“the new stuff”: 3 to 5 ms. We are still optimizing

So we are 10 times faster than G120 and twice G400. Happy now? :slight_smile:


Sure! Do you want chocolate as well?


SURE!!! Chocolate is good! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Cube vs SC20100

One is a PCB and the other is a render :slight_smile:

And beers !!! :crazy_face: :beers:
More serously, I prefer logo #2, but it’s only one opinion.

Gus, I think you should be clear here about what is fight-club and what is not as there’s way too many things I’d say stepped over a line… mind you, the first one was the very first post in this thread :wink: :rofl:

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I miss the good old days… let me stir things up a bit.


@Gus_Issa - need a pot? :rofl: