Beta Lynx & Medusa Software

Based on feedback from the community (BIG thanks to everybody!) and our own goals of doing this the [em]right way[/em] before our first non-Beta release, we want to make sure that anyone doing actual coding, right now, know that our APIs may change. Today (11/6/2013) we are making some changes that are significant:

[ol]All the symbols names other than manifest constants will be in lowercase with significant words or acronyms separated by underscores. This means that public visible interfaces to the classes/drivers is changing.
Where ever possible we will be changing public names to match those in the C# APIs for .NET Micro Framework and Gadgeteer. The significant difference will be the use of the item listed above. Hopefully this change will make it easier to port the vast body of NETMF programs and libraries to the new board families (FEZ Lynx and FEZ Medusa) and any future platforms/systems.
The repository itself is being re-structured to make long term maintenance and installation easier[/ol]

We encourage your suggestions and contributions!!

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