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Have you seen this?
Have you seen the new prices? Like for FEZ Domino and USBizi chips? :wink:

Please feel free to click around and let us know if you have any problems with new website.

Do not forget to subscribe to the RSS feed or twitter (they are on home page)

Hope you like it.


Love the new prices! Are these prices going to stay (domino and mini in particular)?


Yep, here to stay :slight_smile:


Link to “Comparison Chart” is on Domino page only:

and it is broken:


I like the new website. One thing I do not like is the menu bar :-[


This is great stuff. Much easier to find what you are looking for and I appreciate the volume pricing being right up front. Can’t wait to see what else is coming.


On contact page:

Links to uALFAT Forum and USBwiz Forum are broken:,6.0.html,3.0.html


Another thing I have noticed after the update is that non of the sites (Fezzer, TinyCLR, Wiki) keep my credentials even if I check “remeber me” checkbox. If I close browser application (Chrome) it asks me to login again.

Edit: Checked with IE8 - same thing.


Same problem here

Edit: oh and after replying you get logged out :wink:




Looks like it is partially fixed now. Doesn’t happen for me anymore for TinyCLR, still broken on Fezzer.


Thanks for feedback, keep it coming…

…the log in issues are fixed


Great site, just a few remarks

  • When I log in to a site I tend to use the tab key to go from username to password, however this triggers the ajax on the page to post a submit causing a login even before I entered my password.

  • I miss a quick overview of the technical specs of the devices like we used to have, without having to download any PDF files or anything
    (It’s what got me hooked to buy my first GHI product, I looked at the specs and went “Waaw, I want this”)


DelegateVoid does the tab key still do this? I tried every major browser and the tab key did not submit the form. What browser are you using?


Nope, now it’s fine.
Was using the latest Chrome.


I’m having trouble with the checkout process - I get a 500 error from the /shipping page and can’t complete the order.


Image missing on EMX Module page. As shown below.


Thanks Sam


Dr Oid, when you log in and click My Account did you enter in your state and ZIP code for your shipping address?


The navigation bar highlights as I hover over the different tabs, so I thought I could click anywhere to switch tab, but I had to click on the words themselves to switch tabs. I’m using Chrome on Mac.