Beta 7-23 on STM32F4 Discovery Board Problems (Revision Z anyone?)

Anyone having problems with the latest release on the STM32F4 Discovery board? I followed the instructions, everything went fine through loading the TinyBooter. However, I can not get the device to appear as FEZ Cerberus in Devices. I have rebooted, tried different USB ports, uninstalled and reinstalled the GHI drivers, but regardless of what I do, the FEZ Cerberus device does not appear, and so I can’t use MFDeploy to update TinyCLR. I can put the board into DFU mode and load TinyBooter successfully all day long. Any advice or information?

I seem to remember there being something special about the MCU being a revision Z as opposed to a Revision A. Anyone recall the exact difference? Seemed to have something to do with recognizing the MCU identifier as a valid. Anyone?

The Cerberus firmware will not work on the Discovery board, as the crystals are different. You would need to modify the board as described in the wiki for it to work.

I did, and I had the board working fine with the previous NETMF 4.2 release. It’s only this new 7-23 beta that’s giving me problems.

Missed the “Create from Map” step, so erase wasn’t done properly.