Best way to refresh a module

I’ve been working on a couple of projects on the same G400-D board and I now find that when I go to debug, the list of Found Assembly’s has grown. Each programme doesn’t use what’s already deployed so what’s the best way to clear it out?

Erase application in FEZConfig doesn’t do it? When I try this the assemblies are still detected when I go to deploy the programme.

How can we wipe it clean?

@ Dave McLaughlin - Reload the firmware? :-[

I thought someone would say that :frowning:

That didn’t work. When I ran FEZConfig to reflash the firmware without erasing, it rebooted and my programme re-started. All the deployed files were still there when I ran the debug and deploy again. Mmmmm

I’ll try the erase bit first.

That didn’t work. All the assemblies were still found.

I may have miss read what I saw in the debug output. It appears that these may be assemblies present as part of the firmware.

Found Assembly mscorlib
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Native
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Security.PKCS11
Found Assembly System.Security
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Graphics
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.TinyCore
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.IO
Found Assembly System.IO
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Usb
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.SerialPort
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Touch
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Ink
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PWM

Only these appear after I do the erase application. DOH!!!

@ Dave McLaughlin - There are a number of common assemblies that are included in the firmware so they don’t need to be deployed (it differs for each device). What you posted looks right for the G400.