Best SoM for a new project

I need to evaluate a HW platform for a new project.
The requirements are:
16x Analog in (with separate ADC(s) via SPI I would suggest)
1x DC motor with 2 directions (should be a couple of digital outputs)
2x input button
wireless communication to PC (Bluetooth or WIFI)

The software should measure 15 of the analog inputs triggered by the software (may be a relatively slow continuous mode) and transfer the data to the PC.
The 16th aIn is the actual position of the motor. The motor should be moved to any specified position, means I need to be able to poll 1 analog in and stop when the position is reached. Motor movement is relatively slow.

Currently we use a G120 based custom board for all we projects, but I guess it’s a bit oversized for that.

I was thinking about a CERB based solution.
Anything that would not work with Cerb?
Is Cerb the GHI platform, where the firmware is not free for commercial projects anymore?
What WIFI/Bluetooth module can you recommend?

Personally i’d stick with the G120 you’re already using. It’s only $5 more than the Cerb40II and it means you can maximise software compatibility, stock holdings etc. Whether or not the $5 matters much probably depends on how many you plan to make. But if you really want to keep the cost (per board) down then going with a Mountaineer firmware and sticking a single IC on could be cheaper.

On a functional level the Cerb does sound more than adequate for your requirements.

@ hagster - At first I thought the same about G120 compared to Cerb40II.
But for G120 you need additional components for USB and it’s a more complicated PCB.
Our G120 custom board is a 4 Layer PCB, similar to COBRA II NET.
In fact I guess that using G120 would cost 10 or 15$ more then Cerb40II.
Oberon or is something I might look into.
And SW compatibility should be no problem for this project.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Fair points. I have created double sided G120 custom board though so it’s perfectly doable.

An USBizi 2 would be ideal for something like this.

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Wouldn’t that be nice :wink:

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Don’t forget that all those Usbizis and Cerbs come and go, so if you need long term support, G120 may be a better and, eventually, a cheaper option…