Best Place to sell used GHI products?

Im search but can’t find thread/forum where we can sell used/not needed GHI hardware? Probably there is some interest who preffer order cheaper used hardware or need spares for some old projects…
For example I own and don’t need anymore:

  • FEZ Cobra + FEZ TFT Expansion(With 3,5" LCD)
  • Chipworkx Development System v1.5 (Together with Chipworkx module)
  • FEZ Mini
  • 2x FEZ Panda + FEZ Connect
  • FEZ-Disp Expansion v 1.1

I would like sell/change this items and start developing things with G120 Development System… As Im read Chipworkx board can be used with G400 module but G400 is not interested for me…

If Im broke any rule with this post please delete it…

There’s no rules broken that I know of. If it were me, I’d probably list them on eBay and then put the link to the eBay post here.


@ ianlee74 - Thanks for reply. Im once around 1-2 year ago try sell one thing(car part) by ebay and I didn’t sucesfully sell it(no interest) and ebay still charge me 5USD fee for not sold item… This is reason why I avoid selling things on ebay :slight_smile:
I don’t know how this items are worth(most time they have been in boxes) and for listing on ebay I must put some price to them… I would like sell them for fair price which will be ok for buyer and also for me :slight_smile:

if you don’t put them on eBay, I’d start telling the forum things like where you live, whether you’d post them internationally etc, and see if you get any interest.

But to alleviate some of your concern about eBay, at least in my country they now mainly allow you to list items at zero up front cost even if you have not specified a 99c starting price (which used to be the old way to get the listing for free), and you only pay when you actually sell the item/s, so it might be worth re-checking

Ebay have free listing until 1.2.2016… So Im put them on ebay… If someone think that price is too high let me know and offer price which would like pay for item…

GHI ChipworkX Development System


GHI FEZ Cobra + 3,5" TFT LCD Expansion

Good luck on the sale process.

Personally, since the ChipworkX is such an obsolete part, and remaining back on 4.1 framework, your expectation may be too high. The Cobra price may also be high, but given it’s supported by latest SDKs that may sell.

Thanks for your recomendation.
As I know ChipworkX Development System is compatible with G400 modules and can be used as developement device for G400 based products. It have swapped some IO’s and as I remember there is avalible some pinout chart…

Im decrease prices…

Lets try with reduced prices… :slight_smile:

GHI ChipworkX Development System


GHI FEZ Cobra + 3,5" TFT LCD Expansion