Best GCC options for RLP light in Hydra (AT91SAM9RL64)


I want to get the best prformance from the cpu.

what sould be the GCC options?

FOr now i am using this:

CCFLAGS= -mlittle-endian -mcpu=arm7tdmi -Wall -I. -I$(INCL)
#CCFLAGS+= -mapcs-frame -fno-builtin -g0
CCFLAGS+= -fno-builtin
CCFLAGS+= -Os -std=c99
CCFLAGS+= -save-temps
#CCFLAGS+= -fverbose-asm -c -g

i tried to use optimization level O3 and see decline in performance.

i think i can change the -mcpu to arm926ej-sor somthing else…

can somone help with it?