Benchmark for TinyCLR on STM32F7 searching

Has anyone a good benchmark C# program to test TinyCLR running on the 216Mhz STM32F7 mcu?
It would be great if already exist results on othe mcu … :roll_eyes:
This chip is really flying …

Gadgeteer Performance Test - Calculating Digits of PI

Oh … @scardinale thanks !

The result on TinyCLR 0.9.0 are for 20 PI decimals:

STM32F429 (168 mhz) : 2.44 sec
STM32F746 (216 mhz) : 1.32 sec

On STM32F746, allocating heap on external SDRAM time goes up to 3.11 sec … weird!!! :scream:

Benchmark is compiled in Debug.


I have seen the same speed drop on Discovery429 with external ram.

I assume the issue might be the fact ram is being accessed using 16bit vs 32bit.

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Is your stack located in internal ram?

@Gus_Issa, yes the stack is allocated in internal zero wait state sram.

@Justin , I have not yet enabled sdram on stm32f429 discovery, but I will try it. Anyway on stm32f746 disco it is, as you say, 16bit and it is disabled dma and mpu for the moment. Only stm32f769 discovery has a 32bit sdram.