Beginner question about programming Mainboard

I am interested in purchasing some FEZ Cerberus’s.
Can someone correct me if I’m wrong, the STM32F405 has a built-in boot loader in system memory?
Which means I can program it via USB without needing to purchase a ST-LINK/V2 programmer?
I don’t see a USB connector on the Mainboard, so all I need to purchase in addition to the Mainboard is a USB SP Client Module for $4.95?

Thanks for any help!

@ lkz8897 -

I think you are right :))

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@ lkz8897 - Yep all you need is the Cerberus and a power module. Add some modules and your building all sorts of goodies. Here is a video of a project that I use in my Hands On Gadgeteer Course.

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Thanks for the info.

Just curious, is the boot loader burned into ROM and cannot be overwritten?